Web Application Development

Powerful, compatible, and scalable web application development that is custom-made using the latest web tech.

Our Ideas in Web Development

With exceptional tech stacks running under agile & SCRUM development processes, we aim to achieve base goals as soon as possible. We also take into consideration the needs your business will require long-term.

  • Front-end and back-end separation: RESTFul API & JSON WEB Token are the bridges between the browser and the server-end, while system business displays & operation logic and data are completely separated.
  • MVC & MVVM: Application layers for the entire platform with a user interface layer, a business logic layer, and a lasting layer.
  • Modularization and componentization: high cohesion, low coupling, improved reusability and scalability.
  • Designing Patterns: By focusing on the general idea of the code, we are able to write code that is clear and robust.
  • Code Standard: We strictly follow code restrictions to ensure the legibility and portability of the code.
  • Continuous delivery: We use agile & SCRUM development methods to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Technology Stack