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Smart Gas Leak Detector: GasNet-S | 4 in 1 WiFi Natural Gas Detector with Real-Time Alerts & Multi-Gas Detection

Smart Gas Leak Detector GasNet-S operates with less than 150mA current, providing real-time WiFi alerts for Coal Gas, Butane, Natural Gas and Biogas leaks. This natural gas detector responds to gas concentrations at 8% LEL, sending alerts within 30 seconds. The WiFi gas detector restores to regular monitoring when gas concentrations return to 0% LEL.

Product Model: Grus




WiFi Gas Leak Detector for Home Safety

The GasNet-S WiFi Gas Leak Detector is a high-performance device featuring an advanced low-energy gas sensor and automatic reset system. It continuously monitors air flow for early detection and warnings of flammable and explosive gases in the home environment. With a clear LCD display and WiFi connectivity, it provides remote monitoring and real-time alerts for maximum safety.

gas leak detector Exquisite appearance
Coal Gas
Natural Gas

Smart, safe, and easy -

our gas leak detector has it all.

Stay connected with WiFi control and monitoring

Detects gas quickly and accurately

Get real-time alerts for peace of mind

Easy installation, no tools needed

Large LCD display for easy monitoring

Stay protected with advanced IoT tech

How It Works?

The intelligent GasNet-S WiFi gas detector continuously monitors the air for flammable gases using a high-sensitivity sensor. When it detects a gas leak, it immediately sounds an alarm and sends a notification to your smartphone via WiFi.


Continuous Monitoring


Instant Alerts

Unlock the benefits of GasNet-S

360° air intake gas detector

Efficient Detection

The high-sensitivity sensor ensures precise detection of flammable gases, making it a reliable gas leak detector.

Smart Alarm System

Real-time notifications keep you informed, effectively preventing potential hazards.

Real-time gas leak detector on-site 90 db
gas leak detector tuya wifi version

Remote Monitoring

Check the status of your home’s air quality anytime, anywhere via the mobile app, thanks to the WiFi gas detector functionality.

User-Friendly Design

Simple and intuitive interface with a clear LCD display for easy reading.

Smart Gas Leakage Detector

Product Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions9.6 × 9.6 × 3.3 cm
Input voltage

DC5V (micro USB standard connector)

Working current


Temperature range


Alarming time

<30 second

Air Pressure


Shell material


Package Quantity

1 Pack, 2 Packs, 3 Packs, 5 Packs

Installation Steps .

smart gas leak detector installation position
1. Wall Mounting

Install the gas leak detector 2 meters above the gas source to prevent false alarms during normal gas use.

2. Low-Density Gas Detection

Install the detector approximately 0.3 meters below the ceiling.

3. High-Density Gas Detection

For gases denser than air, install the detector 0.3 meters above the floor.

4. WiFi Connectivity

Mount the detector within 10 meters of your WiFi router for optimal performance.

Stay Connected & Secure:WiFi Gas Detection .

The intelligent WiFi gas detector continuously monitors the air for flammable gases using a high-sensitivity sensor. When it detects gas leakage, it immediately sounds an alarm and sends a notification to your smartphone via WiFi.

Connect detector

Connect the detector to WiFi and the mobile app following the user manual.

Set up alarm

Set up alarm notifications through the app —Grus smart hub.

Regular testing

Perform manual tests to ensure the detector is functioning correctly.

Close at any time

Use the manual mute function to temporarily deactivate the alarm if needed.

From home to wherever you roam, smart sensor keeps you safe .

From home to work, stay secure with our smart smoke sensor. Connect effortlessly to your favorite devices for peace of mind. Elevate your safety with simplicity.

Home Safety

Ideal for your kitchens, living rooms, garages, and other areas prone to gas leaks.

Commercial Use

Suitable for shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, schools, banks, libraries, computer rooms.

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SMART GAS LEAKAGE DETECTOR with quick alert feature

Intuitive Monitoring and Control

Experience real-time gas monitoring, a comprehensive log of past alerts, and customizable notifications in the Grus smart hub app.

Live Monitoring Screen: Displays Real-time Gas Concentration Data.

Provides a record of past alerts, showing the dates, times, and detected gas concentrations.

Customizable Notification Settings & Support Remote Shut-off feature Together with Smart Gas Valve.

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an alarm to detect gas?

Yes, GasNet-S gas leak detector is equipped with specialized sensors that can detect various gases such as natural gas and propane, triggering alarms when gas levels reach potentially dangerous concentrations.

Do natural gas detectors really work?

Natural gas detectors are equipped with advanced sensor technologies such as electrochemical sensors, capable of accurately detecting a variety of gases, including but not limited to natural gas and propane, in the early stages of a leak. These highly sensitive sensors can immediately detect elevated gas levels. Upon detecting abnormal gas concentrations, the natural gas detector will promptly alert you through audible alarms and smartphone notifications. This rapid response provides you with a valuable window of time to take necessary precautions to ensure your home's safety.

How does a gas detector alert you?

When the gas detector detects dangerous gas levels, it alerts you with loud alarms and visual signals. GasNet-S can also send notifications to your phone remotely. This means that wherever you are, as long as you have your phone with you, you'll receive immediate alerts.

What type of gases can the Gas Leak Detector identify?

The gas leak detector is triggered by the presence of certain gases in the air that exceed safe levels. Inside the detector, there are specialized sensors, such as electrochemical sensors, that can detect changes in gas concentrations. When sensors detect gas levels above a pre-set threshold, it trigger the alarm system of the detector. This prompt response ensures that you are quickly alerted to any potential gas leaks or hazardous gas levels in your surroundings.

Will the Gas Leak Detector still function during power outages?

Yes, the gas detector comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery that ensures continuous functionality, even during a power outage.

What's the range of the Gas Leak Detector? How many do I need for my house?

The range depends on the size and layout of your home. We recommend at least one detector per floor for optimal coverage.

How quickly does the Gas Leak Detector reset after an alarm?

The detector is designed to reset automatically once the gas concentration drops below the predefined safety levels. The time it takes can vary depending on how quickly the gas dissipates.

How do I reset the device?

Press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds until the device restarts.

What should I do if the device doesn't alarm?

Refer to the user manual for detailed steps on battery replacement.

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