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Home Energy Efficiency and Security Solutions Provider

Smart Monitoring for Safe, Efficient Home Energy

Optimize your home's electricity, water, and gas usage with advanced HEMS technology. Benefit from detailed energy analysis, early detection of water leaks, and secure your home with reliable gas alarms. Embrace Home Energy Conservation and Security with Grus today.

Master Your Home Energy

Smart energy savings, leak detection, and real-time data. Take control with Grus Home Energy.

Energy Savers

Grus helps you remotely control and schedule your devices to optimize energy use, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Leak Monitor

Don't wait for a disaster.Our sensors

can detect unusual water flow

or moisture. alerting you instantly to potential leaks.

Grus Home Energy APP

With our user-friendly app, you can effortlessly monitor your home's energy usage, track trends, and take action—all from your smartphone or tablet.

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Smart home tech that powers smarter savings

Achieve Home Energy Efficiency with Effortless Savings

Take control of your energy use with our intuitive monitoring and automation tools. Track every watt, manage every drop, and achieve Home Energy Efficiency for a more sustainable, cost-effective home. It's efficiency simplified.

Advanced Home Security Solutions

Protect Your Home and Peace of Mind

Proactive Gas Leak Monitoring

Real-Time Alerts

Intelligent Water Leak Detection

Secure Remote Access Anytime

Grus Home Security Solutions
Effortlessly Manage Heating, Cooling and Water Usage From Anywhere with Grus Home Energy APP

Take Total Control of Your Home Energy Efficiency

Effortlessly Manage Heating, Cooling and Water Usage From Anywhere

Experience the convenience of managing your heating, cooling, and water usage effortlessly, no matter where you are. Our smart sensors provide detailed tracking of your consumption, empowering you to optimize your home's efficiency and reduce costs. With Grus Home Energy, you have the power to create a more sustainable, cost-effective home at your fingertips.

The Grus Smart Home Energy Experience

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Unlock Home Energy Efficiency and sustainable living with Grus. Our innovative HEMS solutions help you reduce energy waste, lower bills, and contribute to a greener planet—all with the convenience of advanced Home Energy Monitor technology. Enjoy optimized energy use and enhanced Home Security Systems for a smarter, more efficient home.

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Smarter Home Starts Here

Our Smart Products, Your Smarter Lifestyle

EcoNet-HP Smart Heat Pump Thermostat | WiFi Enabled, Voice Controlled, Multicolor Display, 24V HVAC Compatible


Smart Heat Pump Thermostat

Electrical Panel Monitor - Grus WattPanel-2X


Electrical Panel Monitor

AquaNet-VM: Smart Water Monitor Valve


Smart Water Monitor Leak Valve

Water flood alarm


Smart Water Leak Detector

Smart WiFi Smoke Monitor, Smoke Concentration


Smart Gas Leakage Detector

CO&SMOKE 2 in 1


CO & Smoke Detector

Single phase metering meter hd -


 Single-Phase Smart Electric Meter

Water alarm front hd 1 -


Water Immersion Alarm

Choose Grus, Not only Smart Energy Devices

  • Energy Intelligence
  • Safety Alerts
  • Universal Sync
  • Leak Alert
  • Robust & Smart
Energy Intelligence

Precision Energy Monitoring

Grus serves as your home's power manager, continuously tracking and analyzing energy usage. It provides deep insights into unnecessary energy consumption, helping you save on electric bills. With a user-friendly, visual data interface, understanding your energy usage reports is simpler than ever.

Safety Alerts

Home Safety with Instant Alerts

Grus is your 24/7 safety guard. It instantly alerts you to gas leaks or other potential hazards, giving you ample time to address any issues and ensure your home's safety.

Universal Sync

Broad Compatibility

Grus seamlessly integrates with Apple HomeKit and other major smart home systems. No matter how your home is set up, Grus devices adapts effortlessly, delivering highly efficient service.

Leak Alert

Sensitive Perception

Grus features high-sensitivity sensors that detect even minor water leaks. From small drips to subtle pipe issues, it provides accurate alerts. Despite its compact size, it delivers robust functionality.

Robust & Smart

Advanced Hardware and Software

Grus combines advanced hardware with intelligent software, offering unmatched performance and durability in a compact design. Our high-quality materials ensure a long working life, while smart algorithms manage complex energy data for optimized home energy solutions.

What People are Saying About

Our Awesome Digital Products

man1 -

Vincent Smith

I'm absolutely thrilled with the smart power monitor I got! It was super easy to install and has been great for tracking where I'm spending and wasting energy. My electricity bill has dropped significantly, all thanks to this awesome device. It's made managing my home's energy use so much simpler and more efficient.

acf7121a0b8c0e6827dda1c037ab20d3 -

Maggie Frennard

The smart thermostat I got from Grus has been a total game-changer for my home comfort and energy efficiency. Being able to control the temperature from my phone has made life so much easier.

old man -

James Hilgaard

I've been using the smart water monitor for a few months now, and it's been eye-opening to see where my water usage is going. It's helped me discover leaks and reduce waste. Plus, I can easily shut off the main water valve when I'm not using it.

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