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Smart Monitoring:

Safe, Efficient Home Energy

Precision Energy Analysis, Micro Water Leak Detection, Gas Safety Alarms.

Utilize smart devices to monitor and manage your home's energy, water, and gas consumption, ensuring safety while achieving energy efficiency.

digital smart meter
water leak alarm
Energy Conservation Products

Transform Your Home with Our Cutting-Edge Solutions

Discover the future of home management with Grus innovative products:

Smart Save Energy

digital smart meter

Monitoring the home devices energy cost from anywhere at any time, also automatically adjusting the temperature in the living room, significantly reduce power usage and, can save up to 10% on electricity costs.

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Leak Detection

water leak alarm

Protect your home from the unexpected Leaks with our advanced Leak Detection devices. Designed to catch leaks early, it safeguards your property from water damage, Gas leaks and saves on costly repairs.

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Data Visible on APP

Effortlessly manage your home's energy with our Smart Home Energy Management APP. It offers real-time monitoring, instant alerts, and remote control, all through intuitive data visualizations.

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Energy Conservation Products

Save Energy, Save Money, Enhance Your Comfort

Energy Conservation Products

Address key issues in home energy management:

Clear Sub-item Energy Measurement: Precisely monitor each appliance's energy use with our advanced systems for efficient optimization.

Automatic Shutdown of Unused Devices: Our smart system automatically powers down inactive devices, saving energy and reducing costs.

Comfortable Temperature Control to Avoid Waste: Smart thermostats maintain ideal temperatures efficiently, adapting to your preferences and the environment.

Advanced Detection for Water and Gas Leaks

Smart Security: Safeguarding Your Home

Detect, alert, and prevent home disasters

Water Leak Detectors: Proactively monitor hidden leaks to protect your home from water damage, preserving structural integrity and preventing costly repairs.

Gas Leak Alarms: Stay ahead of dangers like natural gas and carbon monoxide leaks with our sensitive and reliable gas detectors, essential for fire prevention and overall household safety.

Smart Security Products

Featured Products 

Monitoring Analysis

Like having a power butler in your home. Lets you know where you can reduce unnecessary energy consumption, saving you money on your electricity bill.

Sensitive Perception

Whether it's a tiny dripping leak or a hidden water line problem, it's easy to spot. Compact in size, but great in function.

Smart Compatibility

Easily collaborates with Apple HomeKit and other leading smart home ecosystems, adapting to a variety of environments or configurations.

Instant Alerts

Have a security guard on duty. In the event of a gas leak and other signs of danger, you can immediately receive a notification, allowing plenty of time to deal with the problem.

Easy to See the Energy.

Discover our comprehensive, mature home energy management equipment. Designed for simplicity, our user-friendly devices are effortless to operate, install, and configure, making energy management accessible to everyone.

Quick installation

Install our lightweight device in just a few easy steps, wherever you need it.

Easy to Use

Experience seamless usability with our intuitively designed editing options, tailored for effortless operation.

user-friendly home energy management device

What people are saying about us and our awesome digital products

Vincent Smith


“As soon as I installed these devices, I was immediately attracted by their intelligence. I can see the power usage in my home, feel safe, and the app is really easy to use..”

Maggie Frennard

Stay-at-home Mom

“I was very pleasantly surprised. I could understand the security status of my home in real time. Once a water pipe leaked, the device alerted me immediately. It was really like a guardian of my home, which gave me great comfort.”

James Hilgaard

Sales Manager

“I can no longer worry about whether the Gas Heater is wasting electricity, and can easily control the energy consumption information. Moreover, although the device is intelligent, it is very convenient to operate without any difficulty.It is highly recommended.”

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