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Home Energy Efficiency and Security Solution Provider

Grus Home Energy

Home Energy Management System

Master Your Home Energy

Smart energy saving, leak detection, and data at your fingertips. Take control with Grus.

Energy Saver Products

Grus helps you remotely control and schedule your devices to optimize energy use, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Leak Monitor Devices

Don't wait for a disaster. Our sensors can detect unusual water flow or moisture , alerting you instantly to potential leaks.

HEMS App Insight

With our easy-to-use app, you can monitor your home's energy use, see trends, and take action—all from your smartphone or tablet.

Effortless control for a sustainable, cost-effective home

Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Where Smart Technology Meets Energy Conservation

  • Clear Insights
  • Smart Power
  • Comfort, Optimized
Clear Insights

High-precision tracking of every appliance's energy use - streamline and save.

Smart Power

Auto shutdown for idle devices. Unattended, but never unchecked.

Comfort, Optimized

Your ideal temperature, sustained home energy efficiently. Smart living, not wasteful.

Leaks Detected, Disasters Averted

Home Security Systems

Proactive defense for a safer, happier home

  • Water Leak Detection
  • Gas Leak Alert
  • Real-Time Monitoring
Water Leak Detection

Advanced sensing technology helps find hidden leaks before they cause major damage.Water security done smart.

Gas Leak Alert

Timely alerts for natural gas or carbon monoxide dangers. Simple yet vital protection.

Real-Time Monitoring

A user-friendly interface that provides quick, real-time updates and alerts at your fingertips. Safety has never been this convenient.

Choose Grus, Not only Smart Energy Devices

Grus focus on Home Energy Efficiency and Security Improving, Provide Smart Devices and Home Energy Management Systems.

  • Energy Intelligence
  • Safety Alerts
  • Universal Sync
  • Leak Alert
  • Robust & Smart
Energy Intelligence
Precision Energy Monitoring

Grus acts as your home's power manager. It continuously tracks and analyzes your energy usage, offering deep insights into where you may be consuming unnecessary energy. It opens up the prospect of saving on your electric bills by providing this information on a user-friendly, visual data interface that makes understanding your energy usage

reports simpler.

Safety Alerts
Timely Alerts

Grus is your round-the-clock safety guard. Upon detecting gas leaks or other potential hazards, you're alerted immediately, giving you ample time to address possible issues.

Universal Sync
Broad Compatibility

Grus seamlessly interacts with the Apple HomeKit and other major smart home systems. Regardless of how your home environment is wired or set up, GRUS will smoothly adapt and deliver highly efficient service.

Leak Alert
Sensitive Perception

Grus hosts high sensitivity sensors designed to pick up even minor water leakage. Whether it's small drips or hard-to-notice piping issues, it's quick to give a precise warning. Despite its compactness, it packs a punch in functionality.

Robust & Smart
Advanced Hardware and Software

Composed of advanced hardware and smart software, compact yet powerful Grus provides unmatched performance and durability. Its hardware, made from reliable, high-quality materials, ensures a long working life. On the software side, our algorithms are specifically designed to handle complex energy data, offering optimized energy management solutions for your home.

The Grus Smart Home Energy Experience

Unlock a world of home energy efficiency and sustainable living with Grus. Our innovative products and solutions empower you to drastically reduce energy waste, lower bills, and contribute to a greener planet—all while enjoying the convenience and control of cutting-edge technology.

Dive into a smarter, eco-friendly lifestyle where every watt counts and every action towards sustainability is seamless. With Grus, you're not just saving energy; you're investing in a future where your home works smarter, not harder, for the environment and your wallet.

What people are saying about us and our awesome smart products



“As soon as I installed these devices, I was immediately attracted by their intelligence. I can see the power usage in my home, feel safe, and the app is really easy to use, also I learned the knowledges with how to improve the home energy efficiency from the website...”



“I was very pleasantly surprised. I could understand the security status of my home in real time. Once a water pipe leaked, the device alerted me immediately. It was really like a guardian of my home, which gave me great comfort.”

Let’s Make Something Amazing Together!

We provide home energy management services,

focused on convenience, Home energy efficiency and safety.

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