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From the beginning, GrusIO's mission has been to create the best customer experience for energy consumers by using smart technology. No one can do everything, but together we make a big difference. We are facing a major change in how we take care of our energy and need to make a change. Together we make a difference.

Our story

Our story is a journey in pursuit of beauty, wisdom and responsibility. From the beginning, we focused on creating great products. Our talented team, with a strong sense of responsibility, work together to achieve this goal.

We are sincerely committed to the challenge of shaping beauty, innovation and technology, while also following the principles of sustainability and environmental protection, committed to bringing smart energy solutions to homes and businesses around the world to drive a better, greener future.


We have provided professional services to 3,000+ families


Worldwide, our products are sold in 50+ countries


Our customer satisfaction rate is 98%


Our team has 20+ years of experience in the field of energy solutions

Our vision

Energy comes from wisdom

Our philosophy is to redefine energy use through intelligent design. We believe in solving everyday problems through the power of innovation and technology with comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly solutions that work well together. The more homes we serve, the more we can do to build a sustainable world.

Your privacy is paramount.

We will only collect and use data when necessary and with your consent. At the same time, our products and systems use double encryption and security technology to protect your information from illegal access and disclosure. Only you have the right to view, update or delete your personal information at any time. We will never sell or rent your personal data to third parties without your approval

Thoughtful innovation

We don't just innovate for innovation's sake. Instead, we reimaginethe everyday in ways that go beyond simple improvements tochallenge the status quo. We strive to provide considerate solutionsthat adapt to your individual preferences so well that you hardlynotice them. We want to change the way you interact withsmart home technology.

Planet Positive

Our technology improves howpeople consume energy to create a more sustainable future.

Memorable Care

We're here to help when you need it, with human support thatexceeds expectations.

Seamless Experiences

We offer effortless solutions that just work, on their own and withother smart home systems.

Welcome Guest

We think of ourselves as a guestin vour home, so we won't sell ormisuse your data.

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