Light up the green, safe power for your comfortable life

We balance performance and energy consumption, helping you find the best solution between comfort and energy efficiency

Intelligent technology

Our advanced technologies bring seamless automation and real-time energy analysis to make your life easier and smarter.

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Energy saving

Help you live green by reducing energy consumption and costs with our comprehensive energy saving solutions.

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Safety guarantee

Give your energy use more peace of mind with our intelligent monitoring systems and professional support.

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A smart energy-saving solution to maintain

the best energy consumption plan at home

Enjoy peace of mind, safety and environmental protection. Let us help you find the best balance between comfort and energy efficiency for the next chapter of green living.

We see an energy efficient and sustainable future.

Committed to personalized, environmentally friendly home energy solutions, we are driven by education and innovation to help you achieve an energy-efficient quality of life.

Green concept

Tehnology planing

Product Strategy

Innovative design

We believe that great products starts with environmental innovation and ends with living experiences.

So smart, so easy

With these

Yes. Your home is energy efficient and safe

Your energy efficiency, your environmental awareness, your comfort level. Smart home technology can optimize these and empower more.

Electricity consumption, energy use, and carbon emissions shape the energy portrait of the home.

Our smart energy saving systems help you build an energy efficient home, save you resources, and create your eco-friendly demonstration life.

The point of

The point of

The point of

Start your energy saving journey. We believe technology is the first step to solving a Household energy problem the correct way

Driven by our innovative technologies, we help you achieve energy savings, safety, and improved quality of life:

Iot hardware integration

We specialize in a wide range of iot technologies, including Zigbee, Z-Wave, LoRa and WiFi, to ensure that your home devices use energy optimally and work smoothly.

Security hardware

Our products make use of the latest sensing technology to protect the home, such as smoke detectors using infrared and ultrasonic waves and intrusion alert systems with motion detection.

Cloud computing technology

With our remote monitoring and control capabilities, users can adjust home energy use and data delivered by security devices in real time from anywhere.

Smart home integration

Our products can be easily integrated into other smart home devices, while providing a comfortable experience while optimizing energy use.

Network security technology

We prioritize the protection of our users' personal information and energy data, utilizing the latest encryption and cybersecurity technologies to keep data safe.

WordPress Development

As part of the world's leading IoT platform, our devices can be seamlessly integrated into TUYA's global ecosystem, enabling interoperability and collaboration between devices.

What GRUS product is right for your home?

Every family is unique, so why shouldn't yours be? From energy conservation to safety, our products will make your life more convenient.


Power Clamp


Seamless integration

Real-time data

Energy efficiency


Cloud App

Water leak alarm


Cold heat resistant

Automatic alarm

Easy installation

Clock display

Voice prompt

Gas Leak Detector


Sensitive detection

Multi-gas identification

Home safety

Simple Design

LCD screen

Software and infrastructure for e-commerce, recurring billing, and marketplaces..



Remote temperature adjustment.

Save energy and lower electricity bills.

Integrated smart home experience.

"Study" habits, personalized Settings.

Support voice assistant control.

Intelligent breaker


Remote monitoring.

Real-time alarm of circuit problems.

Detailed voltage and current data.

Mobile phone end circuit switch control.

* High sensitivity and fast response time.

Irrigation Controller


Customized irrigation.

Manage irrigation remotely.

Save water

Timed Settings.

Improve plant health.

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