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WattNet-1: Single Phase Electric Meter 80A CT with Clamp Kwh Power Monitor

WattNet-1 Single Phase Electric Meter, smart energy meter for home energy monitoring. Wi-Fi connectivity, includes one (or two) clamp-on current transformer, precise bi-directional metering from 0.2A to 80A.

Product Model: Grus



Single-Phase Smart Electric Meter

WattNet-1: A reliable tool for energy monitoring in household

WattNet-1 is a Single Phase Electric Meter designed for precise and bi-directional energy tracking in homes, It is based on single-phase snap-on transformer,provides accurate measurements from 0.2A to 80A.

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Take control of your energy usage with this WattNet-1 WiFi-enabled Smart Single Phase Electric Meter. Once connected, you're able to monitor the device status from anywhere, anytime, integrating seamlessly with your Smart Life interface. Get real-time insights on voltage, current, power factor, active power, and frequency.
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Feature List

Product Features

Single Phase Electricity

With WattNet-1, you receive a snapshot of your energy consumption in real time. You have the ability to track and measure energy usage, voltage, current, power factor, active power, and frequency, all in an instant.

Bi-Directional Energy


GPW12 Single Phase Electric Meter empowers you with the ability to track energy coming and going, able to monitor not only the power generated from your solar power system but also the energy consumed from your civic electrical grid.

Usage Trend Analysis

Safety is paramount for us. WattNet-1 Single Phase Electric Meter comes with integrated overload protection to prevent any electrical mishaps, effectively safeguarding from any potential safety issues triggered by excessive energy consumption.

Current Transformer Sensor

WattNet-1 Single Phase Electric Meter is equipped with two dual 200A transformer clamp sensor, capable of measuring a current range of 200A+200A, which delivers precision tracking for high-demand applications and appliances.

Product Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight0.176 lbs
Dimensions51.5 × 23.3 × 46 cm
Operating Voltage

100~240 Vac, 50/60 Hz

Calibrated Metering Accuracy

≤ 100W ( Within ±2W ), >100W ( Within ±2% )

Operating environment

Temperature: -20 ℃~ +55 ℃, Humidity: ≤ 90% non-condensing


802.11 B/G/N20/N40@2.4GHz


Bluetooth 4.2 Low Energy

RF Characteristics

Operating frequency: 2.4GHz, Internal antenna


51.6(L) x 23.3(W) x 46(H) mm

CT Sensor

CT1, CT2

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Energy command center at your fingertips

Connect, monitor, analyze, and manage your single-phase metering meter in real time to optimize energy use and save costs on your utility bills.

Real-Time Energy Data Dashboard

Energy Usage Trend Analysis

Device Optimization Management

Expert People

Watch Now Our Video Tutorial

Incorporating an easy-to-follow wiring diagram, now offers a simple, intuitive installation process. WattNet-1 Single-Phase WiFi Smart Energy Meter includes features such as positive and negative electric quantity measurement, enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your energy data.

The app interface is engineered to provide the details of Circuit 1 and Circuit 2 separately, allowing you to analyze the performance data of distinct areas of your home. Through this app, you're able to track real-time and historical energy data, monitor trends.

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app compatible with both Android and iOS systems?

Yes, the app is designed to work on both Android and iOS platforms.

What does the energy usage trend analysis report show?

The trend analysis provides visual charts showing your energy consumption over time. This can include daily, weekly, or monthly timelines.

How often is the real-time energy data updated?

The energy data is updated in real-time, so you see an up-to-date reading each time you check the app.

Can this device function with other smart home systems?

This device is Tuya compatible and integrates well with most other smart home systems on the Tuya platform. Do ensure your other smart home products are Tuya-compatible as well to leverage full functionality.

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