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Smart Water Leak Detector AquaNet-LD – Sensing Cable, Wi-Fi, Built-in Audible Alarm, 3000mA Rechargeable Battery

Smart Water Leak Detector, equipped with a powerful 90 dB alarm. It's designed to detect leaks in hard-to-reach areas using extendable water sensing ropes or probes. Ideal for placement under sinks, near toilets, on window sills, by sliding doors, around HVAC drip trays, and sump pumps, it ensures rapid and reliable protection against water damage in vulnerable home areas. 1 Cable length is 1 Meter.

Product Model: Grus



Water Leak Detector

Instantly detects, alerts, prevents costly home water damage.

Kitchen leakage -

AquaNet-LD with a sensing rope addresses leak issues by detecting water presence along its length, sending instant alerts to homeowners for timely intervention, there by minimizing water damage risks in vulnerable home areas. it can emit a loud 90-decibel alarm sound directly from the device for immediate local alert, and it also sends remote notifications through the APP.

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Water Leak Detector with Cable

Product Features

Sensitive Detection

Enhance your home's leak detection from 1m cable sensor, up to 10m, for monitoring in areas like basements or utility rooms.

Full-line Monitoring

After detecting a leak, simply dry and reconnect the sensor cable for immediate reuse.

Versatile Alerts

Instant alerts for water leaks, integrate multiple detectors for a robust water leak monitor system along with alerts, LED status lights, and a loud 90-dB alarm for leaks.

Effortless Setup

Battery-powered for easy installation near potential leak sites, offering quick protection without complex setup.

Instant Alerts, Always Aware

Water leak at home? Get immediate notifications through the comfort of your phone. Say goodbye to unexpected water damage.

Smart Connectivity, Secure Home

Link with other devices for immediate action upon leaks. Easy-to-setup with Wi-Fi. Share the protection with your family. Your home's safety is just a tap away.

Full-line Sensing, Any Point Detection

Every inch covered. Our Water Leak Detector cable detects leaks anywhere along its length. After detecting a leak, dry and reconnect. No part of your home is overlooked.


Extend your protection effortlessly. Add as much length to your sensor cable as needed, ensuring full coverage and peace of mind.

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Avoid Water Disaster.

Feature List

Timely mobile alerts to avert water disaster at your fingertips

Immediate alerts to prevent water damage

User-friendly interface for effortless monitoring.

Tailored settings for personalized leak detection.

Product Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight0.5 lbs
Dimensions7 × 10 × 4.5 cm

Input 5V 1.0A

Wireless standard

IEEE 802.11b/g/n @ 2.4GHz


Battery Operation, built-in 3000mHA Lithium battery

Working Current


Standby Current


Alarm Sound

100dB at 3Meters Distance

Cable Length

1 Cable, 2 Cables, 3 Cables, 5 Cables, 10 Cables

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this app require a constant internet connection?

To provide real-time alerts and data monitoring, this app does require a constant internet connection.

Can I operate multiple devices from the same application?

Absolutely, you can link and control multiple devices using the same app. It's easy to add new devices to your network anytime.

Is my data safe with this app?

We prioritize your security. The application uses advanced encryption technology to protect your data and personal information.

What if the device fails to detect a leak?

The device is designed and tested to be highly sensitive and accurate in leak detection. Nonetheless, it's important to carry out regular checks and maintenance for the best performance. If a problem persists, please contact our customer service.

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