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New Smart Heat Pump Thermostat: WiFi Enabled, Voice Controlled, Temperature Monitoring, Multicolor Display for 24V HVAC

Smart WiFi Heat Pump Thermostat: Features precise control up to 0.5°C, multicolor LCD, automatic and manual modes, and compatibility with 24V HVAC systems. Supports Smart Life/Tuya apps, Alexa, Google Assistant, and operates on 2.4GHz-WLAN network.The best choice for Heat Pump Thermostats, WiFi thermostats, and the smart thermostat.

Product Model: Grus



Smart Heat Pump Thermostat

EcoNet-HP Heat pump thermostat: WiFi Control & Versatile Installation

Meet WiFi Precision Control – your smart, simple solution for home comfort. It learns your habits, adjusts to your schedule, and is controllable from anywhere through your smartphone. Effortlessly attain the perfect temperature with WiFi Precision Control.
Image showcasing a versatile smart Heat Pump Thermostat EcoNet-HP compatible with TUYA, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant

With a vibrant touch screen display, you have all the control at your fingertips. The smart heat pump thermostat boasts five customizable modes, ensuring your comfort in every season, and a precision of 0.5°C to keep you cozy without compromising on efficiency. WiFi Precision Control syncs seamlessly with your smartphone, allowing you to tweak settings from anywhere, anytime.

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Product Features

All-in-One Display

From local weather to filter cleaning reminders, the Heat pump thermostat saves you time by putting crucial information all in one place.

Automatic Comfort

The Heat pump thermostat intuitively swaps between heating and cooling so you can enjoy ideal temperatures without constant adjustments.

Energy Saving Schedules

 Set up to four different temperature ranges each day for precise control and energy efficiency.

Smart Home Integration

Easy adjustments on-the-go using Smart App, or hands-free control withcompatibility to Alexa and Google Assistant.

Redefining Comfort

Elevate home comfort with EcoNet-HP Smart Heat Pump Thermostat. With automatic climate control and effortless temperature consistency, break free from manual adjustments.

Multi-Model Support

With the support of the Power Module, adapt to the intelligent temperature control of multi-model heat pump systems seamlessly using the Grus thermostat

Energy Efficiency

EcoNet-HP thermostat offers a 240*240pt TFT LCD screen and smart heat & cool zone control in a sleek Black & White design, promoting significant energy savings.

Diverse Interactions

Grus's friendly APP, smart voice command, simple travel settings, and a tweak-friendly knob, all designed for your effortless temperature control.

EcoNet-HP Heat Pump Thermostat's high-info screen

Access Top Features with Ease

Feel the difference on Grus Heat Pump Thermostat screen. It's loaded with features you love - system mode, fan settings, hold feature, WiFi connectivity, temperature switch (°C/°F), clock display, child lock, temperature calibration, brightness adjustment, and a settings menu.It's your comfort, customized.

Image showing the comprehensive parameter information displayed on the screen of WiFi Heat Pump Thermostat

Tech Specs

Additional information

Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions16.8 × 14.9 × 5.9 cm
Power Supply

24VDC/AC +10%

Current Load

1A (Inductive) 3A (Resistance)

Set Temp. Range

41-95 ℉ (5~35℃)


1 ℉ (0.5℃)

Display Temp. Range

41~95 ℉ (5~35℃)

Ambient Temp.

32~113 ℉ (0~45℃)

Ambient Humidity

5~95%RH(Non Condensing)

Storage Temp.

23~113℉ (-5~45℃)

Timing Error


Power Consumption


Shell Material


Protection Class


Package Quantity

1 Pack, 3 Pack

Discover What's Inside

From your first touch on the polished Acrylic Panel to finely tuning your comfort with the responsive Knob, every component of our Heat Pump Thermostat is designed with your satisfaction in mind.

Image showing components of a Heat Pump Thermostat - Knob, Acrylic Panel, Top Cover, Circuit Board, Backplate
Image illustrating the need for a C wire converter for Heat Pump Thermostat installation

The Essential C Wire Converter

Heat Pump Thermostat setup includes an essential component - the C Wire Converter - for seamless conversion. If your previous thermostat lacked a C wire for power supply, fear not. With this essential gadget, upgrading to our smart thermostat becomes effortless.
smart heat pump thermostat APP

Smart Comfort, Anytime, Anywhere

Control, track, and schedule your home temperature from anywhere with our user-friendly, integrated smart thermostat app.

Remote Control: Adjust home temperature anytime, from anywhere.

Energy Usage Stats: Get real-time and historical data on energy use.

Scheduling: Preset temperature for different times and days.

Smart Integration: Seamlessly syncs with other smart devices.

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the compatibility range of the smart thermostat app?

Our app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and works with numerous smart home systems.

How can I remotely adjust my home's temperature using the app?

After installing the app and setting up your smart thermostat, you can easily change the temperature by opening the app, selecting your device, and adjusting the settings.

What if I forget to adjust the temperature before leaving my home?

No worries! With the smart thermostat app, you can control your home's temperature from anywhere. Whether you're at work or half-way across the world, you always have control.

My routine varies a lot, is there a way the smart thermostat can adapt?

Absolutely. Our app has a learning function that recognizes your patterns over time and automatically adjusts the temperature according to your preferences.

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