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Smart Thermostat: WiFi-Enabled, Energy-Efficient, Weather-Adaptive, Home-Optimized with Precise Calibration & Dual Energy Features

The Smart Thermostat with WiFi enables precise temperature control, dual stage compressor delay, standby brightness adjustment, and fan off delay. Special features include dual energy capabilities, filter replacement reminders, and auxiliary heat activation as required. Temperature settings can be toggled between ℃ and ℉ for intuitive home environment management.

Product Model: Grus



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Smart Thermostat

Cutting-Edge Efficiency: Precision-Controlled, WiFi-Enabled Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat Compatible with Alexa

Take control with EcoNet-TU WiFi-Enabled Smart Thermostat. It ensures precise temperature control and efficient use with adjustable standby brightness and timer delays for the compressor and fan. Reminders for filter replacements and auxiliary heating activation further enhance your comfort and convenience.

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Product Features

Versatile System Modes

With a simple press, you can select the mode that suits you the most - be it Cool, Heat, Auto, or Emergency Heat. The Off system mode provides added convenience when not in use.

Smart Fan Modes

The option to have your fan run continuously, adjust itself automatically according to the system, or run at intervals to circulate indoor air, ensures your comfort level is maintained with optimised air circulation.

Flexible Operating Modes & Programming

Choose between Permanent Hold for manual control, Temporary Hold for emergency heating, or Using Schedule mode for automatic adjustments based on your set schedule. Programming mode allows you to set tailored temperature periods for Wake, Away, Home, and Sleep times.

Child Lock & Easy Time Setting

Ensure your settings are safeguarded with the child lock feature. Setting the time is straightforward, press and hold the menu button, and use the touch icons to set the hour, minute and week.

Product Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions11 × 11 × 2.55 cm
Power Supply

24VDC/AC +10%

Current Load

1A (Inductive) 3A (Resistance)

Set Temp. Range

41-95 ℉ (5~35℃)


1 ℉ (0.5℃)

Display Temp. Range

41~95 ℉ (5~35℃)

Ambient Temp.

32~113 ℉ (0~45℃)

Ambient Humidity

5~95%RH(Non Condensing)

Storage Temp.

23~113℉ (-5~45℃)

Timing Error



Black, White



Power Consumption


Shell Material


Protection Class


How it works

Press 'S' and choose -

enjoy Cool, Heat, Auto, or use Emergency Heat.

 Hit 'F' to set the fan - keep it On, make it Auto, or use Intervals for circulation.

Tap 'M' for your preferred comfort - go Manual, use Temporary Hold, or set a Schedule.

Hold down the 'Lock'

button for 3 seconds - to protect your configuration from being changed.

smart thermostat APP

Smart Comfort, Anytime, Anywhere

Control, track, and schedule your home temperature from anywhere with our user-friendly, integrated smart thermostat app.

Remote Control: Adjust home temperature anytime, from anywhere.

Energy Usage Stats: Get real-time and historical data on energy use.

Scheduling: Preset temperature for different times and days.

Smart Integration: Seamlessly syncs with other smart devices.

Expert People

Watch Now Our Video Tutorial

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the compatibility range of the smart thermostat app?

Our app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and works with numerous smart home systems.

How can I remotely adjust my home's temperature using the app?

After installing the app and setting up your smart thermostat, you can easily change the temperature by opening the app, selecting your device, and adjusting the settings.

What if I forget to adjust the temperature before leaving my home?

No worries! With the smart thermostat app, you can control your home's temperature from anywhere. Whether you're at work or half-way across the world, you always have control.

My routine varies a lot, is there a way the smart thermostat can adapt?

Absolutely. Our app has a learning function that recognizes your patterns over time and automatically adjusts the temperature according to your preferences.

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