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Smart Gas Leakage Detector GasNet-S: Wi-Fi Connected with Real-Time Alerts & Multi-Gas Detection

Smart Gas Leakage Detector operates with less than 150mA current, providing real-time Wi-Fi alerts for natural gas leaks. It responds to gas concentrations at 8% LEL, sending alerts within 30 seconds. The device restores to regular monitoring when gas concentrations return to 0% LEL.

Product Model: Grus



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Smart Gas Leakage Detector

GasNet-S: Instant Detection & Real-Time Wi-Fi Alerts for Natural Gas Leaks

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Designed for safety and efficiency, Smart Gas Leakage Detector GasNet-S provides instant detection of natural gas leaks, alerting you within 30 seconds through real-time Wi-Fi notifications. This low-power device, operating at less than 150mA, ensures reliable performance while conserving energy.

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Product Features

High Sensitivity

Detects even minute gas traces for superior safety.

Proactive Alarms

Sends immediate app notifications at the first sign of danger.

Automated Response

Cooperate with other equipment to cut off potential ignition sources.

Responsive Recovery

Resumes regular monitoring when the gas concentration reduces.

Versatile Multi-Gas Leak Detector

GasNet-S standout for its ability to identify and alert on leaks of coal gas, butane, natural gas, and biogas — a comprehensive, user-friendly solution for securing safety in homes and industries.

Feature-rich Safety Companion

Incorporates LCD for live readings, swift and high-sensitivity alarm, with alarm transmission to a central platform for immediate response.

Globally Compatible, Wi-Fi Enabled Detector

Utilizing Wi-Fi technology for global compatibility and push notifications, ensuring immediate mobile alerts for swift safety responses.

Smart Linkage for Enhanced Safety

Intelligent linkage with solenoid valve, manipulator, and exhaust fan, providing automated and coordinated response to gas leak incidents.

Product Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs
Dimensions9.6 × 9.6 × 3.3 cm
Input voltage

DC5V (micro USB standard connector)

Working current


Temperature range


Alarming time

<30 second

Air Pressure


Shell material


Package Quantity

1 Pack, 2 Packs, 3 Packs, 5 Packs

SMART GAS LEAKAGE DETECTOR with quick alert feature

Intuitive Monitoring and Control

Experience live gas monitoring,a complete record of past alerts, and customizable notifications in a user-friendly app interface

Live Monitoring Screen: Displays real-time gas concentration data.

Provides a record of past alerts, showing the dates, times, and detected gas concentrations.

Customizable Notification Settings & Remote Shut-off feature

Expert People

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Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of gases can the Gas Leak Detector identify?

The gas detector is designed to identify common household gases such as natural gas. Please refer to the product manual for a complete list of detectable gases.

Will the Gas Leak Detector still function during power outages?

Yes, the gas detector comes with a built-in, rechargeable battery that ensures continuous functionality, even during a power outage.

What's the range of the Gas Leak Detector? How many do I need for my house?

The range depends on the size and layout of your home. We recommend at least one detector per floor for optimal coverage.

How quickly does the Gas Leak Detector reset after an alarm?

The detector is designed to reset automatically once the gas concentration drops below the predefined safety levels. The time it takes can vary depending on how quickly the gas dissipates.

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