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New Smart Water Valve: AquaNet-BD | WiFi & Bluetooth, Auto Shut Off, IP66, Precise Flow Control

Discover the AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve with WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Enjoy real-time water flow monitoring, remote control via app, and automatic shut-off to prevent leaks. Featuring IP66 water resistance and a user-friendly LCD display, it's perfect for efficient and eco-friendly water management.

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Monitor, Control and Conserve Water with Precision

AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Ultrasonic Flow Rate Detect
Prevent freezing and bursting pipes with Smart Water Valve
AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Monitoring Water Data Record water status in App how to save water and energy conservatio
AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Realtime Screen Display of Water Flow Data

Your Home's Intelligent Water Guardian

The AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve is your home's first line of defense against water damage. With real-time monitoring, you can track your water flow and catch leaks before they cause damage. The auto shut-off feature provides peace of mind by stopping leaks in their tracks.

AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Automation Scene, Works with Leak Sensor When leak sensor detects leakage, then automation shut off the water valve

Unleash Intelligence: Core Features

WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0

Ensure seamless control and monitoring with dual-frequency WiFi and Bluetooth technology.

Precise Flow Measurement

Accurately monitor water usage with a flow rate of 0.1134.3 gal/min for 1" lines and 0.0722 gal/min for 3/4" lines.

Auto Shut Off & Easy-to-Read

Prevent water damage with automatic shut-off functionality. Check real-time data at a glance.

Long Product Life& IP66

Durable and water-resistant for worry-free installation in various environments.

Clearer and More Convenient,

It’s Just Everywhere You Need It

app chart2 1 -

Real-Time Water Monitoring

Monitor your water flow in real-time with AquaNet-BD’s precise flow measurement capabilities. Whether you're at home or away, you can check water usage and detect any abnormalities instantly through the mobile app.

Preventing Water Damage

Protect your home from leaks and floods with the automatic shut-off feature. If a leak is detected, AquaNet-BD will immediately shut off the water supply to prevent damage, giving you peace of mind.

Security Monitors, Sensors, Gas & Water Leak Detectors | Grus Home Security Devices
AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Support 2.4G & 5G Network Connection compatible with dual-band network

Remote Control via App

With dual-frequency WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, you can control the Smart Water Valve from anywhere. Use the app to turn the valve on or off, monitor water flow, and receive alerts directly to your phone.

Versatile Applications

From residential homes to vacation properties, the Smart Water Valve is ideal for various settings. Use it to manage water in gardens, prevent leaks in basements, or ensure efficient usage in vacation homes.

vacation home

Product Technical Specifications

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions195 × 78 × 102 cm

DC 5V/2A

Built-in battery

AA(1.2V)* 3pcs(Ni-MH rechargeable battery)

Valve open/close time

12 seconds



Water flow reporting accuracy


Flow rate reporting accuracy


Operating water pressure

0~1.3 MPa

Working temperature

1 ~ 60℃( 34 – 140℉)

Working humidity

1 ~ 95%RH

Wireless frequency

2.412~2.483GHz / 5.18~5.85GHz

Bluetooth version

Bluetooth 5.0

Wi-Fi distance


Valve diameter

DN20 3/4 inch pipe

Waterproof level



LCD Display Water Meter, Main Water Shutoff Valve, Remote Access, Water Flow Measurement

AquaNet BD Smart Water Valve APP grus -

Feature List

Water Dashboard & Controller

The app's dashboard provides a glanceable view of the current water temperature, pressure and flow in realtime. It presents the overall status of your water system.

Sends notifications immediately upon detecting a leak. Lets users manage water flow remotely.

Usage Reports: Presents detailed water consumption data.

Scene Linkage : Allows for automatic responses to detected leaks.

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

Seamlessly Monitor Water Usage with AquaNet-BD Water Valve

AquaNet-BD enhances safety and efficiency through real-time monitoring of water temperature and pressure. It features an automatic shut-off for the main switch linked to a water sensor for leak detection.

AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve main drawing
Smart Water monitor step
AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Real-time Water Flow Rate and Total Water

Monitoring Water Data of Water Flow

AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Lead-free Copper Water Pipe, 5V-2A AC/DC Power Adapter Power Supply
AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve Monitoring Water Data Record water status in App how to save water and energy conservatio

Easy Installation Guide: Step-by-Step Process

The AquaNet-BD Smart Water Valve is designed for easy installation and setup. With step-by-step instructions and a user-friendly mobile app, you can quickly integrate the smart valve into your home’s water system.

Wrap the water pipe connector with waterproof tape for prepared setup.

Connect the adapter to the water pipe and wrap the water valve's copper pipe with waterproof tape.

Insert the silicone pad into the water pipe connector, and secure connections.

Using a wrench, tighten the adapter nuts to finish a side.

Support and Documentation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Water Valve compatible with all water systems?

Yes, this Smart Water Valve is designed to be compatible with standard 1" and 3/4" water supply lines, making it suitable for most residential water systems.

How does the automatic shut-off feature work?

The automatic shut-off feature detects abnormal water flow, such as a leak, and immediately shuts off the water supply to prevent damage. This feature provides peace of mind by protecting your home from water damage.

What types of leaks can the smart water valve prevent?

AquaNet-BD can detect and prevent various types of leaks, including pipe leaks, appliance leaks, and small everyday leaks. Its auto water shut off feature stops water flow immediately when a leak is detected.

What is the waterproof rating of the water valve?

AquaNet-BD water valve has an IP66 waterproof rating, making it suitable for use in harsh outdoor conditions and protecting it from dust and strong water jets.

How does the water valve help save water?

By monitoring and controlling water flow in real-time, AquaNet-BD helps identify and reduce water waste. Grus app also records and analyzes water usage data, providing tips for water conservation.

Will the AquaNet-BD affect my water pressure?

No, AquaNet-BD is designed to operate without affecting your water pressure. It maintains normal flow rates and pressure, ensuring you have consistent water supply while monitoring for leaks.

How does the water valve provide security when I'm away from home?

When you are away, you can monitor and control the AquaNet-BD water valve remotely through the mobile app. The valve automatically detects leaks and shuts off water flow to prevent damage.

Does the AquaNet-BD smart water valve work with third-party smart home platforms?

Yes, AquaNet-BD is compatible with several third-party smart home platforms, including Google Home and Amazon Alexa, offering enhanced smart home control.

How can the Smart Water Valve help if my water heater is leaking?

If your water heater is leaking, the AquaNet-BD can detect the abnormal water flow and automatically shut off the water supply to prevent further damage. This quick response helps to minimize potential water damage and gives you time to address the leak.

How does the Smart Water Valve detect leaks?

AquaNet-BD uses advanced sensors to monitor water flow in real-time. It detects irregularities such as continuous flow or spikes in usage that may indicate a leak and triggers an automatic shut-off to prevent water damage.

How real-time is the data displayed on the app?

The data on the app is updated in real time, as we continuously collect information from your device. As long as your device is connected to the internet, the displayed data should be accurate up to the minute.

What kind of water leak can be detected by the device?

Our device is designed to detect any significant changes in water flow that could indicate a leak. This includes everything from a slowly dripping tap to a major burst pipe.

Can I control multiple devices from the same app?

Yes, our app allows you to control and monitor multiple devices. You can easily switch between different devices within the app.

How does the remote shut-off feature work?

The remote shut-off feature can be activated through the app. Once activated, it sends a signal to your device to stop the water flow. This can be particularly useful if you receive a leak alert while away from home.

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