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Smart Home Solutions

for Smarter Living.

Unlock the power of smart home living with Grus. Boost energy efficiency, enhance security, and enjoy a more eco-friendly lifestyle - all while saving on your energy bills. Transform your home into an intelligent, sustainable haven.

Grus smart home solutions empower a smarter, more energy-efficient living experience

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1.2M KWH

Energy Saved


Homes Connected


Incidents Averted

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2 TB+

Total Data Analyzed

Grus smart home technologies deliver a safer, more secure home environment

Smarten Up Home Energy Consumption with Energy-Efficient Solutions

Relish the blend of comfort, safety, and eco-friendliness as we help you strike the perfect balance of home energy usage. Navigate your way towards the greener side of life with optimized energy efficiency.
A warm, sun-lit living room showcasing the comfortable and secure living experience enabled by Grus smart home solutions.

We see an energy efficient and sustainable future.

Committed to personalized, environmentally friendly home energy solutions, we are driven by innovation to help you achieve an energy-efficient quality of life.

Green concept

Tehnology Innovation

Product Strategy

Customer Engage

Energy saving

Help you live green by reducing energy consumption and costs with our comprehensive energy saving solutions.

Safety guarantee

Give your energy use more peace of mind with our intelligent monitoring systems and professional support.

Intelligent technology

Our advanced technologies bring seamless automation and real-time energy analysis to make your life easier and smarter.

Smart home with minimal energy

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Cost Saving

Clear Energylist and Save Money

Our Energy Conservation products are focused on helping customers gain control and insight into their energy use.

We provide sophisticated energy monitoring so you know where every kilowatt-hour of electricity, every cubic meter of gas and every litre of water is going. Let energy saving be a clear numerical indicator.

Through smart products, it is easy to draw an accurate map of energy consumption at home, achieve accurate prediction and ideal control, save energy and save costs.

Peace of mind for home energy

Make your home a fortress of security, with our smart devices keeping your family safe. Every second is protected.

24/7 real-time monitoring

Sensitive and accurate anomaly detection

Remote Instant Alarm Notification

Intelligent Security Management

24 hrs Guarded Security

See What’s Up.Know What’s On.

Electricity consumption, energy use, and carbon emissions shape the energy portrait of the home.

One APP help you build an energy efficient home, save you resources, and create your eco-friendly demonstration life.

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Energy profile

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What Grus' product is right for your home?

Every family is unique, so why shouldn't yours be? From energy conservation to safety, our products will make your life more convenient.
Energy Conservation
Smart Security


smart home e triple -

Three-phase metering meter


Dual-Phase Compatibility

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Precise Metering

Bi-Directional Metering


smart home e single -

Single-phase metering meter


Single-Phase Monitoring

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Clamp-On Transformer

Real-Time Analysis


smart home w aquavolt -

Water minitor Leak Valve


Real-Time Monitoring

Auto Shut-Off

Advanced Ultrasonic

Leak Prevention


zt thermostat Lside hd e1711529441585 -

 Heat Pump Thermostat


Precise Control

Multicolor LCD

Wide Compatibility

Smart Support


zt water alarm -

Water Immersion Alarm


High Precision Detection

No Installation

Rustproof Material

Real-Time Alert


zt water leak alarm -

Water Leak Detector


Broad Coverage Warning

Rustproof Construction

High Precision

Extendable Sensor Wires


wifi gas leak detector -

 Gas Leakage Detector


Low Energy Use

Display Screen

Quick Response

Multi-Gas Detection


Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector 2 in 1

CO & Smoke Detector


Dual Protection

High-Decibel Alarms

Long Battery Life

Smart Notifications


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