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Energy Conservation - Less Cost, More Controls

Grus Home Energy Monitor

Measure, Control, and Save: Unleash Greener living with Smart Products. Experience Clear Billing, Embrace Energy-Efficiency, Enhance Your Savings.

Multi-Circuit Energy Meter
Grus Electrical Panel Monitor
smart home e triple -
Grus Energy Monitor
EcoNet-HP: Smart Thermostat EcoNet-HP Heat Pump Thermostat for US
Grus Thermostat
smart home t thermo -
Grus Thermostat

Stop paying your energy bills blindly!

Save Smarter, Live Better

With the Grus Home Energy Monitor, you can actively track and understand your energy consumption in real-time, including solar power generation, the money saved, and the weekly energy trend. With this instant feedback, you can identify and adjust unnecessary energy consumption, thereby saving costs.

energy cost

Grus Smart Electric Meters

Electrical Panel Monitor - Grus WattPanel-2X-main diagram


Electrical Panel Monitor

Designed specifically for split-phase electrical systems, the Grus Home Energy Monitor is installed within electrical panel and utilizes dual 200A current sensors to monitor the main hot wire and 16 additional 50A sensors to track branch circuits. This granular monitoring enables you to understand energy consumption in different areas of your house, aiding you in efficient energy management and optimization.


Multi-Circuit Energy Meter


Multi-circuit energy monitor

Elevate your energy tracking with diverse compatibility and multidimensional analysis. Whether it's single-phase, three-phase, or solar-powered systems, it's got you covered. With five CTs and real-time bidirectional readouts, understanding essential energy metrics has never been easier.


smart home e triple -


Three-phase metering meter

Particularly suitable for overall household use. Ideal for users who need precise regulation and effective management of energy consumption.


smart home e single -


Single-phase metering meter

Ideal for small installations that require only single-phase power. Track and optimize your power consumption and make it your handy assistant in saving energy.


Grus Smart Thermostat

smart home t thermo -


Smart Thermostat-US

Effortlessly perfect your comfort zone with our Smart Thermostat. Imagine the convenience of precise temperature control, smart reminders for filter replacements, plus energy saving features - all easily controlled from it.


zt eu thermostat front -


Smart Thermostat-EU

Welcome to comfort, reimagined. EcoNet-TE, exclusively for EU, is not just smart, it's thoughtful - designed for energy savings, safety and peace of mind.


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Heat Pump Thermostat-US

Imagine stepping into a perfectly conditioned home after a long day - that's what EcoNet-HP offers. Tune into your comfort from anywhere with our easy-to-use app. Love to mix up your decor? EcoNet-HP doesn't mind - place it vertically or horizontally to match your style.


Grus Home Energy Monitor Products Support

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Ease of use

Our product is easy to set up and use. You can check and control your home's energy use with just a few taps.

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 Learn from Habits

Want to know more about your energy use? Our product helps you understand your habits with clear updates and tips.

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Smart Saving

Our product gets to know your routines and makes automatic changes that Energy Conservation but still keep you comfy.

Grus Home Energy Monitor, You're in control with Grus Smart Hub

Know the details of energy consumption.

Start the application at any time, you can view and track the use of electricity, water and other energy in the home, and better grasp the energy consumption.

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Now , Get your Home Energy Monitor APP

Clearly grasp the drip consumption of home

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