Sensor, Peripheral and DTU Integration

We provide integration for various sensors and peripheral devices for a multitude of different scenarios to recognize objects, collect real-time data, and the ability to control devices remotely and automatically.

Improving Everyday Life with Sensors

We have decades of experience with the devices listed below, and work with stable and reliable providers.

Home Automation
  • Air Detectors: PM2.5, CO2, VOC, formaldehyde sensors and smoke detectors
  • Motion Sensing: Humidity & temperature sensors, pyroelectric infrared sensors, ambient light sensors, and ultrasonic sensors.
  • Identity Verification: Fingerprint sensor, RFID/NFC
  • Meteorological: rainfall, wind, sunshine, Temperature, Humidity sensors.
  • Irrigation: soil moisture sensors, salinity meter, wireless electromagnetic valve.
  • Other: 4G & solar power HD Camera, insect trap
  • Gyroscope, self-steering engines, stepping motors and drivers
  • GPS Modules, GPRS DTU, and data acquisition devices.
POS Terminals
  • POS Device: all-in-one Portable Smart Device, all-in-one tablets, and touch-screen PC’s
  • Peripheral: RFID/NFC readers, POS printers, cash boxes, credit/debit card machines, and QR/Barcode Scanners.
  • Queue Machine: Queue printers, and digital broadcasting.