Hybrid and Native APP Development

Native APP Development, HTML5 Web APP, Hybrid Native Development

App Development and Tech Stacks

Tech stacks, framework and open source libraries we’ve used
iOS Tech Stack
  • Foundation / UIKit / StoreKit / MessageUI / AVFoundation / AFNetworking
  • GameKit / AudioToolBox / MediaPlayer / OpenGLES / CoreGraphics
  • Flurry / ASIHTTPRequest / CorePlot
  • SnapKit / SwiftAutoLayout / SwiftyJSON / SwiftLint
  • PNChart / ios-charts / PDTSimpleCalendar
Android Tech Stack
  • RxJava / Agera
  • Event Bus / Otto Bus
  • Mockito / Robotium / Robolectric / JUnit / Picasso
  • Retrofit / AndroidAsync / Volley
  • HelloCharts / MPAndroidChart
  • Data Binding Library / Live Data / Room Persistence Library
  • Android Things / Android TV / mqtt-client / BluetoothSPP Library
  • Framework7
  • Quasar Framework
  • Ionic
  • Vux
  • Sencha
  • Cocos2d-html5
  • Weui
  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Cocos2d-x
  • Cordova/PhoneGap
  • Weex

Technology Comparison

Native Development Cross Platform HTML5 Web APP
Solution Android & iOS React Native | Xamarin HTML5 & JS
Suitable for A more interactive operation, relating to hardware, Video & Audio Operations UI Simple and easily navigated Rich & diversified content display, minimal interaction
Development Cost 2 version coding Once coded, requires more time for compatibility Once coding, need little time on compatibility
Maintenance Cost 2 version upgrades. Simple maintenance when features are abundant 1 version upgrades. When features increasing maintenance will be more complex 1 version upgrade. Functions will be limited with increase in business
Releases Need to release to different platform Need to release to different platform One-time deployment
UI & Components Platform provided, and many 3rd components. Special designs require a longer time to archive Native Style, platform provided, special design costs and a longer time to implement HTML style, Rich Style & Theme, all HTML components can be used, and can be very beautiful
Compatibility Great Not the best, requires additional time General
Fluency & performance Great As good as native Ok, but terrible in some older versions of smart phones
Hardware Support Great Needs plugins Not the best, needs plug-ins
Advantages Fluency, performance, and compatibility are supported. If issues arise, many solutions are available Provides the benefits of a native user interface, access to device-specific features, and native app performance. It simplifies code sharing across multiple mobile OS’s Can be used with different creative styles, fit for content reading, and data display APPs
Disadvantages Develop & Maintenance costs are higher Hardware support & Compatibility is not good. Some features are limited depending on the framework Fluency & performance is not the best, if there are numerous features related to hardware, it should be avoided