Connecting Things via smartphone or Handheld Terminals

3 Ways to connect to mobile devices: Wired, Wireless, and Cloud.

Smartphone Controlled Devices

With plentiful functions and features, smartphones are essential to daily life. Once connected, your customized Apps will make work easier and more efficient.

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Wireless Connections

  • Wi-Fi: your customized devices work as a Wi-Fi hotspot, the smartphone directly connects via Wi-Fi as a client. Then, all controls and data communication in the APP are performed through Wi-Fi. Devices are able to access the internet through mobile devices.
  • Bluetooth: Your device can be paired with a mobile phone, tablet, etc. in P2P mode with Bluetooth. As a popular, low power communication method, numerous smart products are implemented in such a way and work together with Mobile APPs; such as Bluetooth speakers, indoor localization and more.
  • NFC/RFID: Widely used in personal identity management, logistics, warehousing, and POS shopping.
  • QR Code/Barcode: another easy way for identification, low cost, flexible and diverse.

Wired Connection

  • OTG/USB: USB devices work as peripherals and connect with USB (OTG for Android) to expand the functions of handheld devices; such as specialized cameras and dedicated barcode scanners. APP’s are able to obtain corresponding data through a USB cable.
  • Headphone jack: the headphone jack pulse signal can be used to transmit data such as infrared, pulse signals, payment hardware, infrared ranging, remote control, etc. Small data transfer can be achieved in this way with the mobile APPs.

Data exchange with Cloud Servers.

Through various transmission protocols( commonly by MQTT or RESTFul API ), the devices connect to the cloud server, and the user can then monitor and control the devices remotely through the Internet on their mobile phones. This solution is widely used in various Internet of Things, and it is a great way to expand on handheld terminals.

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