Custom Software Design and Development

A dedicated team of experts will be assigned to you exclusively to develop the software that meets your business needs.

Analyse, design and develop your software projects

Software Consultant and Development Services
IoT Solutions Provider Company

Mobile APP

iOS & Android Native APP, HTML5 Web APP, Hybrid and Cross-platform APP Development.
website design and development

Web Application

Java, .Net, PHP and Node.js for back-end and Angular, React and Vue for front-end.
custom software design and development

Desktop Application

Windows or Mac/OSX desktop application development. B/S or C/S client-end software development.
IoT cloud solutions

Cloud Service Building

Web Service & API, Queue & Service Development, Distributed Storage based on Amazon, Google Cloud and Azure.

How we Deliver

Dedicated team

You will be provided with a team of experts working exclusively on your project. Our team will work with yours every step of the way to build the model that best fits your business needs.

You are in control

For the life of your project, you are treated as the leader of the team and transparency is key. We ask that you make priorities clear so that we may provide you with all feasible options as soon as any issues arise.

Mature development process

Our well trained teams follow the strict procedure that defines the responsibilities, flawless development process, clear quality control and communication protocol.

TDD and CI

We have adapted the TDD approach and utilize popular CI tools and platforms to guarantee that the software runs as designed and is bug-free.


“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change ” – Heraclitus
We welcome and embrace change at any point during development and will maneuver around any obstacle.

Continuously Improving

New technology pops up every day. Here at GrusIO, we are passionate about utilizing the most up to date and cutting edge software to help build reliable, user-friendly and powerful software.

Our latest developments

Mobile App design and development
The perfect mobile App development team for you! With over 10 years experience and more than 100 mobile Apps built, we have the expertise needed to design both native and hybrid mobile Apps.

Web application design and development
We have excellent experience with LAMP, MEAN, and cloud (Amazon, GCP, and Azure) technologies. Over 100 B/S and SAAS applications have been successfully delivered.


Recent Projects

Examples of Current Projects