Custom your own IoT Platform

One-stop IoT development from PCB to cloud, which including product design, hardware, data gateway, cloud service, mobile App creation and web application.

One-stop IoT (Internet of Things) Development Company

Our services cover the entirety of all IoT projects.
hardware development company

Hardware Development

PCB design, firmware development, mold design
IoT Development Company

Edge Compute

Link sensors, devices with data gateway. Compute in local and connect to cloud.
IoT cloud solutions

Cloud Based Solution

Big data parses, compute, analysis and storage. Rule engines, Message Queue...
website design and development

Web Management

Device management, data visualizations, alarms and remote controls. Business customization in cloud
IoT Development Company

Mobile APPs

Devices status & data realtime showing in mobile. Message pushes, Notifications, instant controls from phone.

Our Approach For Developing an IOT project


Examples of Work

PCB designing

A PCB board we designed as a part of the IoT hardware


Wireframes and UX design for a project

Web UI design

Typical Big Data Visualisation solution for an IOT project

weather station
Terminal Equipments Installed

A weather station installed for monitoring the weather change in a farm

Overview of an IoT Platform


Recent Projects

Examples of Current Projects