Smart Device And Hardware Development

Development of smart devices, equipment, upgrades to existing products, and intelligent information systems.

Building your device to be easily connectable among all smart phones, tablets.

We provide hardware development based on the traditional devices or industry, so that things can be connectable and smart.

IoT solution Provider

PCB Design

Schematic Design, PCB layout design and prototypes
iot solutions provider

Embedded Application

C/C++ Application Development, Embedded Linux Development, PLC Development
smart device and hardware development

IoT Device Integration

Sensors Integration, Connection Protocol Development
iot services provider

Equipment Improvement

Connecting equipment, and adding communication and control modules

Custom the Hardware for your Business


Design and develop devices for a smart home, interactive toys, creative gears, and smart tools that will utilize data transferred via WiFi and Bluetooth.


Data collection from RS232, RS485, ZigBee, Lora, NB-IoT or line-level signals, converted and sent to the web, including remote command controls from cloud services.


Connecting equipment from serial ports, using relays to control power, upgrade firmware and renovating existing equipment to be smart-compatible.

Progress of Hardware Development

Find the best solution for different devices
Business Anaylsis
  • Communication of requirements
  • Solution evaluation
  • Schematic Diagram design
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Prototype Development
  • Demo with Development Boards
  • Basic firmware to test all components
  • Workflow of the hardware
IoT solution Provider
Circuit Board Development
  • PCB Design
  • Cooperation with Shell & Mold design
  • Demo Boards are then manually welded
Mass Production
  • Choosing manufacturers
  • BOM listing and purchase options
  • Quality Assurance

Recent Projects

Examples of Current Projects