Turn Idea Into Product

Verifying and validating your ideas in the early stages will help to minimize the risk of failure. We have helped numerous clients flourish and thrive.

Turn an idea into real solution and product

Through a prototype to verify and validate your ideas

Innovation always includes risks. By building a prototype, we can help quickly to verify and validate if your ideas are really feasible and reduce the potential possibility of a failure. A functioning prototype can also help you to find investment easier.

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Choosing the best solution

We analyze and evaluate key factors and choose the technology best suited to fit your business needs, all while saving time and money.
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Prototype Development

Our goal is to build prototypes quickly and efficiently and engage users for feedback.
Turn your idea into product

Open Source Solutions

Our expertise and ongoing development in popular IoT open source solutions will directly benefit your project.
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Minimum Viable Product

Building an MVP is a great option that benefits many projects. At GrusIO, we have the resources to effectively build a personalized MVP in less than 3 months.

Prototype Development

1.Collect, Communicate and Analyze.

Our experienced consultants work side-by-side with you and your team to generate precise specifications. Not all IoT companies provide customer care at this level, we pride ourselves on quick response times and accurate service.

2. Choosing the right tech stack

Choosing the perfect tech stacks are essential to the framework of any startup. Once chosen, we will provide a formal proposal for the prototype development, including time and cost.

3. Building the prototype

After prototype production is complete, you will have a working system in hand ready to share with sponsors and stakeholders. We will use all of the prototypes assets in future work, as well as continually making improvements along the way.

4. Planning for the future

After successful prototype production, we will prepare for the future and start a new chapter full of innovative adventure.

Samples of work

Hardware Prototypes
UX Prototypes

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