ScopeAround: A Smart Device Full Stack Development for a Start-up Company

Full Stack Technical Support for the client which includes: Hardware solutions, PCB design, APP Development, Web Store Development, Helpdesk, etc.

Startup with ScopeAround:
Smart and Versatile Wi-Fi Video Camera


ScopeAround is composed of a body and three interchangeable camera heads. Coupled with high-quality video and imaging, ScopeAround reveals a new perspective that previously laid just beyond your ability to see.

ScopeAround is a start-up company and the vision behind is to develop a smart device to utilize the digital camera to capture high-quality video and imaging and help to inspect the place where cannot be seen using the eyes directly.


Implementation approach

Our client had an idea to create a suit of products for domestic consumers, and consumers can use the product together with their Mobile Phone. We joined the brainstorming from the very beginning, and below are the steps we worked together and move forwards:

  1. For about 4 weeks, we discussed together with what the product will be like, what functions it will have, what's the bright spots of the product, which type of customer will use it, how to implement and so on.
  2. Then in another about 4 weeks, we compared a lot of similar hardware solutions and also tried some boards and tiny camera module and work out a hardware proposal which include solutions, timeline stages, budgets and so on.
  3. We spent 2 weeks to build temporary prototype which are several modules with a lot of cables lined, also included a schematic diagram, so that to verify the final hardware solution. Also with a very simple video streaming solution.
  4. At the same time our client is working on the aspect and shell design.
  5. Then we are working on the main board PCB designs, firmware development. After several times PCB changes and manually weld, all hardware functions tested working well. This stage cost near 2 months.
  6. While the 3rd vendors are working on the molds and Visual design, we adjusted several rounds about the PCB size and assemble position. And finally the product sample is ready. This stage cost about another 2 months.
  7. Then the client would like to push the product to kickstarter, and we worked our a very simple Android APP for it in about 3 weeks, so that the device video streaming can be played on the Mobile phone.
  8. While the client was promoting on kickstarter, we worked out fully designed and full featured APP for both iOS and Android. And also a very simple one page offical website for their marketing.
  9. Then we worked out a full function website which include web store for ScopeAround, and after the project is completed in kickstarter, Pre-Orders functions was launched.
  10. While the mass production and sales are completed, we also release several version of APPs so that it can works well together with the product.

Key technical points of the solution

  • AR9331 as the core boards
  • OpenWRT as the embedded operation system
  • C & Lua as the embedded development language
  • UVC as the camera connect standards
  • MJPEG as the live video streaming protocol
  • FFmpeg as the libraries to handle live videos
  • Native APP with Java & Objective C development
  • PHP as the website backend language
  • Ubuntu as the cloud server OS

Videos of the Device and APP working

APP Details Pages