An Innovative Solution For The Agricultural Industry

Implementing new and modern ideas, we created live tracking maps for field-plowing and other farm work in the agricultural industry.

New Agriculture Project for a Start-up Company


Innovative solution and platform combining the IoT technologies, Cloud, web and mobile applications for live tracking, job scheduling, farm mapping, data capturing and analytics reporting in the agriculture industry.


Main Challenges

Live tracking
The live tracking is realized using a powerful GPS device. Still there are known issues such as errors to be introduced into the location and lost of signal. Our team tests the GPS devices in all kinds of condition and polish the algorithm in the backend to ignore the error locations and handle the situation while the signal was gone.

Farm Mapping
The shapes of the farms are far more various. Mapping the farms on the map and calculate the area are not as easy as people usually think.

Our Solution

We designed a typical IOT solution for the project.


Starting a high quality GPS device, the position data are transferred to a tablet or mobile phone where the app is running. Fully customized app calculate and shows the positions on the map directly. Officers sitting in the office can monitor the positions on the real time as well.

Values brought by our team

Quick building and proof of concepts
Building from small but solving main difficulties firstly. A prototype with the core features of the final product was built in less than 3 months. This proved our capabilities to deliver the fully operational and gave great confidence to the client.

Since the beginning of the project, we set up a scalable team due to the fact that the project needs different resources at different stages. This helped our client to save great amount of initial investment.