Civil Engineering and Construction Security Monitoring Platform

Real-time IoT monitoring platform, Data Gateway with RS485 to TCP, Bluetooth connected equipment and smartphone access, with data computing and visualization.

A Security Real-time Monitoring Platform for Civil Engineering

Project Background

Security Monitoring is very important for construction, bridges, massif or civil engineering. Traditionally, the only way is artificial recording by human day by day.
There are several software to manage different parts of monitor result, which are separated. Also a lot of data is managed by Excel in different computers, and complex to maintenance and track.
In order to improve the efficiency, reliability and real-time measurement, an IoT platform is needed.

real-time case


With the original way, there are many weakness such as: lack of analysis and statistics, the limited data visualization, lack of comprehensive forecasting function, the unsightly interface, the operation is complicated and difficult to upgrade and function. Our client wanted to build a new platform with below features:

  • A data center to storage and manage all monitor and measurement data
  • A cloud service, which all users can access related inforamtion with their assigned permissions
  • Data statistics, reports and charts for better review
  • Automatically and real-time monitoring
  • Inspection support for daily, weekly
  • monitoring personnel can use their phone to real-time data submit

Our Solution

Business analysis and solution design
Our client does NOT have any employee with IT background. So we spent near 1 month work very closely with the client team, and keeping update the work result everyday with Mind Maps, Use cases, BPMN and User story mappings.
Also we designed a compatible solution of collecting the real-time data:

  1. With 4G Data Gateway to collect the automatic measurement Devices and send to the cloud service listener
  2. For some special Devices (such as Leica devices), their data can be only collected by their given software. So we add triggers to their database, convert and transfer to cloud data center
  3. For handy instrument equipments, we integrate Bluetooth mobile APP with the equipments, so the measurement result can be sent to cloud API at real-time.
  4. For human measurement, the engineers can enter the data into APP, and those can be sent to server directly while they are working.

Technical Architecture

technical img

Highlights features

  • Buildings realtime monitor for different ways
  • Accurate measurement data in millimeter levels
  • Big data compute for incline, displacement and sedimentation
  • Forecast and Alarm to avoid of dangerous case

How we delivery

  • MVP development For first release in 3 months
  • Iterative release for Stage 2 with full functions for about 6 months
  • Continuous Delivery to add more and more devices supports, different measurement methods, data compute and visualisation demands

Preview of the system and the building site

data visualization

Work Results

With this platform, our client changed their working methods, works and data are all trackable and methodical. They saved a lot of human resources, and won more big projects.
Also our client organisation is praised by their higher, and won more funds to carry on with the Platform for further development