A Sport and Game Club Cloud System

We integrated different devices with same control protocol, and connected them to the cloud service. So members can pay and play under same system. Also based on the analysis of user behaviors, the revenue increased a lot.

A Sport and Game Club Cloud System

Our client has a Sports and Game Club, and there are a lot of indoor gamer and sports devices in the club, all of which are from different manufactures. For playing these devices, the Users could not but insert coins,this makes their management complex and troublesome. Therefore, the client (club owner) approached us, hoping we can help them built one unified membership information system, then methods like using cellphones, RFID tabs, even personal QR Code can be uniformly used on different devices.
From the perspective of our client, they do hope to achieve the connection between all devices and Cloud Management & Data Center by upgrading and rebuilding the existing equipment. Not only will doing so help them improve management efficiency, it also helps offer the users more joyful, convenient and rich experience, that will further stimulate consumption.


Based on deep analysis and two weeks field research on the client club, we came up with a complete solution:

  • Queuing Machine
  • Game Controller
  • Intranet Server
    1. Device Message Management(MQTT)
    2. Cloud Data Sync Service
    3. Local System and Database
  • Cloud Service
    1. Data Message Sync Service
    2. Cloud Database
    3. Cloud Management and Data Analysis Platform
  • Mobile Phone APP
  • HTML5 Mini APP
Queuing Machine Solution

According to the client’s requirements, we use open source hardware as the main microprocessor, then pair it with 5 inches screen, QR Code Scanner + NFC, and operate the Andriod Things IoT operation system. In the aspect of software function, we adopt Android APK which effectively reduces difficulty of software development and cuts costs of upgrade & maintenance in later period while satisfying the customization needs of the client.

Game Controller Solution

In order to meet the needs of various game control modes, we combine the mature IoT hardware platform and build one game controller equipped with multiple input and output control ports (opto-couplers isolation), RS232/485 communication ports, I2C, SPI, USB Host, RJ45 network ports. Resource of game controller:
• One 10/100M Adaptable Ethernet Interface
• One USB2.0 Host Interface
• Four Inputs, Four Outputs
• Two RS232 Data Interfaces
• One RS485 Data Interface
• One I2C, One SPI,Two PWM Interfaces
• Operation System: OpenWRT
• General Protocol: MQTT

Cloud Service

The overall service runs on AWS, the Service we used include: Amazon EC2,Amazon S3,Amazon RDS,Amazon API Gateway, Amazon Elasticsearch Service.
We also use git,Docker & Docker Hub,CircleCI,selenium as the instrument to aid development and continuous delivery in the process of development and deployment.
The functions we have implemented are:
• Diversified Payment and Recharge Methods (Cash, Mobile Payment, Credit Card)
• Multiple Use Methods (Mobile APP, Member Card, smart band, QRCode)
• Users Socially Share Game Rankings and Scores
• Team and Specific Project Competitions
• Organizers Organize Game Activities
• Give Each Other Game Gold Coins
• Queuing up for Game Programs through Smartphones
• Rich Statistics and Reporting System for Real-time Viewing of Popular Games and Recharge Information

Now all devices of this club run well with the new system which has fulfilled our client’s expectations initially. The client is also trying to improve the rules according to users consuming habits & behavior and develop different special offers to attract more consumption. Besides, they have started to prepare for the establishment of new chain stores and use this system for unified management.