How we deliver

A streamlined process is essential to a successful product

Thinking Outside the Box

As a professional IOT service provider, we know all about the most popular software implementation processes and methods; Including Agile, SCRUM, TDD, DevOps, Waterfall and so on. However, we do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. We follow the golden rule in our business practices (treat others’ the way you’d want to be treated) Of course, this doesn't mean we work aimlessly. While adapting to your designs, factors and requirements of your project, we usually recommend following a tailored RUP process.


Analyze - Design - Build - Deploy - Upgrade

With questions like "Why, What, When and How Much?" in mind, we do our best to understand your projects and business targets thoroughly.

With the design, it primarily involves a strategy about how to build the solution. Such as: what technologies and materials to use, standards that need to be met, and any potential risks.

Oftentimes we recommend hosting a small workshop to validate your ideas, generate documents, diagrams and wireframes, and define the scope of the project and implement a strategy.

With the design of product, we tend to implement Agile practices. The entire project will be split into small milestones following the priorities and business values. We will send the demo to you and set up staging site for you to review the output of every milestone and make sure everything is on-track. Staging server and demo applications are accessible 24/7.

We can help to launch your product into either the cloud or an on-premise environment and monitor the running of the system.

When your project is finished, and customer use begins, we help to monitor the performance, maintain and secure the system, update the server and backup data regularly.



We utilize programs such as: Skype, Slack, Trello, Jira and Github to communicate frequently. Daily stand-up meeting and weekly retrospective meetings are organized whenever required. As a valued customer, you will be in the know about everything. Ensuring that progress is running smoothly and transparently.

Project Management

While we are open to alternatives, we use Jira for the majority of our projects. We generally split the entire project into small milestones. Requirements, design, documents and tasks are maintained in Jira. You as the customer are always invited to join Jira and view the task assignments, track the progress and discuss with our team directly.